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Gardening Club Events

Programme of Events 2018-2019


19th September                                      The Walled Garden: Speaker Jules Hudson.


                                                                 Joint talk with Eaton Camp Historical Society. 


17th October                                          AGM/ Wine and Cheese Social.


21st November                                      Murder, Magic and Plant Potions: in your Garden

                                                                Speaker: Marion Stainton


December                                              No Meeting



 January                                                  No Meeting.

                                                                Will be arranging an Evening Meal

                                                               At Cider Orchard Restaurant details to follow.


20th February                                        Iona to Holy Island, Pilgrimage Walk.

                                                               Speaker: Rev Ian Skinner 


20th March                                             Miss Jekyll’s Daisy Grubber: A light-hearted look

                                                                at our favourite garden tools.

                                                               Speaker: Bill Lawes


17th April                                               A new take on bedding plants.

                                                               Speaker: Laura Willgoss, Wildegoose Nursery, Shropshire.



15th May                                               Garden Visit. Details to be advised.                 



20th to 24th May                                  Gardening Club Holiday to Isle of Wight.                                     


19th June                                              Life as a Gardening Magazine Editor.

                                                              Speaker: Tamsin Westhorpe



17th July                                              Garden Visit. Details to be advised.


We will be arranging the usual “Snowdrop” visit for February/March time and Bluebells in the wild for April.

Also visits to local Gardens by Members cars and a possible coach outing is in the course of being arranged.

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